Conan Exiles



Info about how to join and what the server is. 


1. This is an RP /PvP server - In such you must have a character name and clan name that is likely to be used in this lore type. There is no Jhon_613, Brad Pitt or Unicornkitty as a name. Symbols, underscores, and numbers are not allowed in names.   Some example names: Cale Bloodthorn, Taliah Zul, Atria, and Uzah the Wanderer. Members are required to remain in character in the game at all times. Global is for OOC but RP is encouraged in local(English only in Local/Global). Name violators will now be thrown into____(Verigan change this)___ till they change their name in accordance with server rules when Admins are present.


2. We have a mixture of both casual and hardcore RPers on this server and attempt to cater to each. ERP is allowed but only in CLAN chat and local so long as it does not impede on other’s RP. We encourage people to RP in Local and as well as having a good backstory to your character.

•    UNACCEPTABLE RP- I am here to rob you and take all your stuff because I am a robber.

•    GOOD RP - Lilly the Sorceress was exiled because she practiced the arts of necromancy and as part of her punishment she was sold off to slavery and bound in chains that cut her off from her magic.

•      Kill on Sight (KoS) is forbidden in the desert region which means you must engage someone in RP in local to attack them. PVP is forbidden at all Trade Posts, Meeting Halls and Admin Approved RP Structures   - unless an event specifies differently.

•     UNACCEPTABLE "RP" - Rick the Bandit walks up to Asholette and asks her to "Drop her pants" then proceeds to kill her. This is KOS and will result in a BAN.


•    GOOD RP - Rick the Bandit walks up to Leithia and asks her to hand over her weapons or face his blade. Leithia complies and gives him her weapons. Now Rick wouldn't be allowed to kill her and must let her go. This RP encounter is now over. If Asholette had chosen to run away he could pursue and kill her. Using Local chat and giving the person the time to respond is essential to good RP


1. Raiding - No griefing other bases excessively. Do not destroy a majority of the defenders base or damage Player Built RP Structures (which have no doors) or an excessive amount of decorative items the exception being beds which serve a purpose = beds are allowed to be destroyed. Unfortunately, due to the placement of decorative items, some will be destroyed during a raid due to splash damage. There is to be no raiding during server wide events. If you are under raid protection you cannot raid others. (BUILDING DAMAGE is turned ON - Saturday till Sunday). Raiding is allowed on the entire map except for ADMIN approved RP Structures – which will have a sign stating it being such and Buildings Under Raid Protection.



Raid Protection: If your base is raided 3 times in one weekend the clan may apply for raid protection. This will protect them from further raids on their base or outposts for the remainder of the raid weekend.

To apply one must contact an admin with a screenshot of the event log showing the damage to their structures and then will be instructed to put a sign out front stating “Under raid protection” as well as the admins will post it on the discord server for all clans to see.


1. Building Restrictions - Clans/Players are limited to one BIG BASE, must be kept reasonable in size (will be a case by case basis if brought to the admins’ attention) and 5 SMALLER structures/outposts, limited to a 10 x 10 area.Outpost include an enclosed wheel of pain and any other enclosed resource gathering sights.


2. Building Aesthetics - We are an RP Server and in such we require clans to build in such a way. Straight up square buildings/cubes with no effort will not be tolerated on this server. Small efforts like decorations, roofs, and outcrops that promote a use besides fighting off raiding are examples of making a building more pleasing to the eye and the community as a whole.


3. If a clan is found violating one of the above building rules, they will be contacted by an admin and then given one week to correct the violation or the admins will correct if for them.


4. Inactive clan will have their base wiped from the map, to preserve building options for new players. For a clan to be considered active they must have at least one member (2 for a clan over 6 members) come online at least once a week. Admins will attempt to reach out to a member of the clan before a base wipe to give them a chance to get online. A clan check-in channel will be available on discord to prevent any oversights.


5..  Fair Play - No abusing in-game exploits or mechanics.  No foundation spamming. Do not build/block an excessive amount of resource spawns, important emote/recipe sites or tunnels or passageways.


6. RP Building: To be considered an RP structure the building must not have doors, locked chests or combat thralls of any kind. They as well must have a sign out front with the name of the structure and clearly state it is an RP structure. These structures will be protected form raiding as per the rules and will not count toward your outpost count.


If you are found abusing mechanics, blocking structures/emotes/recipes/tunnels or foundation spamming on or around your base 1st you will receive a warning and asked to change it. If you do not comply within the adequate time the portion of your base considered breaking the rules will be removed.

Mic. Rules



Bounties and Contracts will be put in place on this server to keep Bandits and Raiders in check. A fee can be paid to the ADMIN TEAM to place a Bounty or Contract out on a Clan or individual.  They will be considered KOS to the whole server. A substantial one-off REWARD of either a T3 Thrall of Choice or 500 Steel or 100 Starmetal will be provided to those who carry out the bounty/contract (screenshot evidence must be provided. Bounty lasts for 5 days. ) COST: Any Combination of 2K in Materials - Brick, Twine, Iron Bars or Shaped Wood.


If a player wishes to host an event contact an admin or mod and they will discuss the details with you as well as help you plan and run the event if you wish. Events will be posted to discord so others will be made aware of it. If the event helps the community as a whole the player may receive an additional reward for hosting it.


Treat each other with respect no toxicity/racism/sexism/bigotry or religious persecution.  If you have a problem with someone bring it to someone on the Admin Team don't start name calling and taunting in global or discord.  Take a break and come back when you are calm. Also, please, be mindful that the Admin Team is not responsible for what occurs in private chat nor other players' discords.


If a clan is found constantly finding and exploiting loopholes in the rules to the detriment of the server community they will be banned. This is NOT a community for straight up PVPers this is an RP/PVP server and it will be treated as such. If you are found being a bane to the community as a whole you will be forced to leave for the betterment of all.

War Rules


Declare War- Two clans will be allowed to declare war upon one another. So long as both clans agree to this declaration building damage limitations and rules will be lifted for the clans’ outposts and main base for the duration of the raid weekend. War declarations will be made publicly in discord and posted there to keep a record.




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